Why i run, jog

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Hello and welcome to my blog. As the title state i am going to discuss why i jog or run.


After a 6 miles jog. I did some floor exercise before i left as well.

When i started my clear skin care journey, the book (Clear Skin Diet) i read spoke of the pH level within, circulation of blood and it importance to your wellbeing and overall health. It also pointed out it importance and contribution to your overall health.


Take good care of you from the inside. You will have a lot or enough energy to complete a lot of things you need to do during thw week.

What i picked out from the book was that, your skin thrives on blood circulating and coming towards the skin on the inside. This is why diluted essential oil such as rosemary which encourage blood circulation to the surface of the skin when applied, helps with hyperpigmentation. So it is important that you do an exercise which encourages blood circulation.


You can start small and increase the distance as time goes on.

With this said, you can see that to get new blood pumping means your heart will be beating and i believe more regular. Your body and mind rest on your heart beating regularly as it pumps new blood to the other parts of the body ensuring the pH within is also balance. If your heart is not pumping new blood, your are filled with old blood which maybe toxic, causing you to fall ill regularly.


You can do some floor exercise if running is not for you.

Anything opposite this is likely to contribute to acne formation and feeling sluggish in addition to illness.

I saw a lot of improvement in my skin and general health. I slept easily and really well. I will encourage you to take up some form of exercise if you want to improve your health in addition to eating well.

Until next time, happy workout.


Work out with me 💪

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am not sure if i mentioned this in my previous blog posts but i used to do a 10 miles per week jog. I documented this but never shared it as i did not want to disclose my location. However i have found a way to do it safely. This weekend i wanted to go jogging but it started drizzling so i did a bit of cardio outside then came inside to do some more and film. Although a couple of years ago i was able to jog in harsh weather conditions, i feel i need to slowly work my way to previous standards or benchmark.


Work out with me

To see more of this visit my instagram: iryn.boateng. Working out or exercising is good for your wellbeing physically and mentally. When i am stressed out this is one way i de-stress and get my heart to pump blood throughout my body. This is good for your skin and health.


To see what i did for my workout please go to my instagram page. Link is above.


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Until next time, happy work out.