Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated – Black Lives Matter Too

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Hello and welcome. The past few weeks has been quite hard for me to put into words. It has been difficult because being treated differently because of our skin colour is something that I have had to live with for as long as I can remember.

Even when travelling at times I  experience that. I have tried to cover it up with such things as blogging and making YouTube videos. This all includes the fear of losing a job or not having your contract renewed as well as an internal position you applied for being given to someone else leaving you wondering if you will ever find a job and being told you are unprofessional when you stick up for yourself.

This is a daily thing. My frustration is I did really well covering it up and what is happening now is forcing me to revisit all the terrible experiences I have done so well at covering up with hobby and other things.

Prior to this was videos of the Chinese authorities treating african in China with no respect and even making it seem like we brought about corona virus whereas the truth really is that it started from Wuhan. In addition to posters saying blacks are not allowed in a Mcdonalds restaurant and if you see any to call the police. This type of ignorance is beyond me. 🤷🏿‍♀️

To be born black is not a choice I made but would not change it for a thing. Racist individuals will never have a peace of mind. As a Christian I rest and depend on God and thus have peace of mind although at times I get angry there’s one thing that is inivetable which is death, regardless of whatever race you are. You will meet the creator whether you like it or not or believe it or don’t and answer for yourself.

Rest in peace George Floyd 🕊️

Rest in peace Ahmaud Aubrey 🕊️

Rest in peace Breanna Taylor 🕊️

Until next time, keep safe and “treat others the way you want to be treated”.




Today’s lunch looked like this

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Hello and welcome to my blog. So today’s consist of the below:



Brussels Sprout

And  Chicken with nandos garlic lemon and herbs sauce


You may have already figured this out now. I loves my vegetables. This is usually my go to when im bored of any kind of food in the house.

Until next time, bon appettit.


What’s cooking…?

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Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i am revisiting a recipe i used to have regularly. I got the recipe from the BBC’s Good Food superhealthy suppers recipe book.


The colourful ingredients i used. There are about 3 of your five a day in here.

The ingredients are as following:



1 each of Red, yellow and green bell peppers

3 Courgettes



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grounded Spicies



Cayenne pepper


All the ingredients and finished product in one picture

I made a few changes in that instead of paprika i use cayenne pepper instead. I also did not include the coriander leaves and substitutes vegetable stock for lamb stock from the steamed lamb. FACT: From my research, i know that vegetables such as red bell pepper and tomorrow to name but a few have high levels of lycopen which is good for us especially the skin.


Dinner is served. I had this with brown rice, making this meal nutrition packed 3 of 5 a day meal for lunch or dinner. In past i believe i have had it with bulgur and couscous.

You can pick and choose which vegetables you want to add or leave out. If you do try this, let me know your thought.

Until next time, bon appetit.