The making of my Shea body lovin’ butter (Nkuto) and a few health concerns about beauty products on the shelf

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Hello and welcome to my blog. It appear my first blog regarding this topic was not saved. It actually contained a lot of useful information so lets see if I can recollect my words. I have used shea butter ever since I was born. Being Ghanaian this was a staple body butter in my household in addition to cocoa butter.

My love for shea butter (Nkuto) and black soap explained


Shea butter in a container. The ones I purchased from up north usually comes in the rock form. But the lady was not available to send it on a short notice so I had to settle with this.

These are natural moisturiser which can be used on the hair as well as the body. In a hot climate your hair will be shiny when applied whereas in a cooler one I guess not so much.

Yes I am a mixtress in case I have not confessed this before.


Instead of melting the butter I blended it together with the other carrier and essential oils in order to maintain it properties and thus it potency

Being in the UK, this is usually my request when a family member goes on vacation to Ghana or a friend is visiting the UK. My other request being the black soap locally known as alata samina. This soap I believe is extracted from the leaf of plantain, when used it gives you a very good clean; you then need a good moisturiser to restore the skin or your hair back to nourishment. To use on hair, make a soapy water and massage on your scalp.


The black soap in avocado flavour and the unflavoured one from the market. Although it is called black soap it is actually dark brown in colour and solid.

They now also come in different flavours such as lemon, avocado and aloe Vera. You can purchase the non flavoured from the markets in Ghana I believe.


I add the oils and then blend to a creamy texture.

My aunty usually source this from the women in the northern part of Ghana so it is the unprocessed or unrefined shea butter. I would like to think that it is ethically sourced as it is being purchased directly from the women in the villages up north and thus paying them what they demand or the right amounts for them by way of appreciating the work they put into making it.


The carrier oil and essential oil I added to the blend are: Avocado, Coconut, hemp, flaxseed, jojoba carrier oil and lemon, cedarwood, lavender and rosemary essential oils to give it a nice aroma

I purchase the essential and carrier oils from Naturally Thinking which a company based in Croydon, UK.

I recently learnt that, there are different flavours such as the cocoa butter shea scented shea butter. I am not too sure if they are just cocoa butter in the tablet or cocoa butter scented. When I was growing up there was just one type of shea butter and then there was cocoa butter.


The cocoa butter in a cup form

Cocoa butter is the by product of the cocoa puds or beans when it is being manufactured into the cocoa powder for chocolate and Ghana is one of the highest producers of this. It smells like cocoa butter so I will just call it cocoa butter not shea butter cocoa flavour edition. 🤭


The yellowy colour is from the avocado oil and jojoba oil I added.

I recently receive the shea butter and the cocoa  butter from Ghana but have only managed to make a mixture with the raw shea butter. I added some carrier oil and essential oil for a bit of fragrance. The carrier oils are pH balanced so I am confident my skin is getting the nourishment it needs. And this is how it looks (Please see picture below and above). This mixture works well for my skin in summer however in winter due to dryness and itchiness I use Dove. I will try this mixture this winter and see if there are any changes. I am not too sure if I have dry skin or as stated before the black soap gives me a proper clean and thus drying to the skin.


After struggling to find a container for the mixture, I came across

Recently I heard on the radio that shampoos and some beauty products for women have plastic in them which is harmful for us women especially and the environment as well. I will be switching back to the natural ingredient that I used to used. Although these products on the market are pH balanced(so they say) the majority of cosmetologist guru on Instagram are ambassadors and will not say anything bad about these products on the market unless it has a bad effect on them. Before, the natural hair YouTubers were advocates of natural product but now, not so much.

I will continue to use my shea butter  and black soap as those before me used them in the absence of the manufactured ones and were fine. So thank you and no thank you.

I will end this here.

Until next time, take care.




My birthday weekend at a glance…

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The idea was that my cake match my dress and my makeup too 😊

Hello and welcome to my blog. It has been a while since i came on here with a lengthy blogpost. I have been quite busy with travelling up and down the country and buay in general.


This is the makeup i did for the sunday of my birthday weekend. I used the BH cosmetics solar eye shadow pallette. the hair was done for me by a friend

On the saturday i got my makeup done by a friend which i loved. I looked completely different and as it was not any ordinary birthday, i was happy with the outcome of the entire look. I had been planning this look in my head for weeks.


I bought the dress and shoes from Asos. They were quite affordable as they were in their sale section. I think the shoes were £18.00 and the dress was £15.00. But my cale cost more than my outfit put together.

I went out to central London to eat with a few friends.i went to a restaurant called Bangalore Express and the experience was not great as it was during the short blizzard period in London so it was cold inside. They said their heating had broken down and they made no substitute *roll eyes.


This is their coconut rice with their lamb masala. A lot has change since the last time i went there. It did not feel like for the better. The ambiance was off, no background music just noise from a party down sta


Just so you can see and apprecoate the art on my face. If you are in the UK and need an MUA let me know i know a couple of people.

I was initially looking for a dress for a wedding then i stambled upon this one and a burgandy one. In the end i wore Karen Millen to the wedding.


This is the silk Karen Millen dress i wore to the wedding. I have had this dress since 2011. I bought it for a wedding.

I got the hair inspiration from Shameless Maya after my ideas were taken by others. But i liked this hairstyle alot. I was going for the bad girl look so hopefully i achieved it.


I was the black rapanzel that weekend. i got this dress from asos as well. it has a slit on the other side. I believe this one was £18.00. I wore this with my Nine West sandal shoe.


How the dress looks from the front. makeup was done by myself.

It was a great weekend and i am grateful to God for allowing me to see this age and this year. May all that i do bring glory to His Holy name for it is in Him i live and have my being.


Model behaviour #GloryToGodAlone💫


 💫 The cake 💫

In my new age i intend to explore a lot. i have a few travel ideas. I was meant to be going Japan at the end of this month but due to the nature of my job i can not take time off around that time. 😢 So maybe next time. I am thinking of coach journeys to Europe 😃 so stay tune!.


💫 #Legs



Some more pictures of my sunday look. This makeup was done by me. 💫

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, it bye from me.






What’s in my lunch bag:

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Hello and welcome, today i will reveal the meals i took to work. I usually take my breakfast with me to work so i can relax and enjoy it rather than rush as it takes me up to 1 hour driving to get to work.

This is how my breakfast looked like


I made rice pudding for breakfast today. I just let the rice cook till it softens and ensure theres enough of the water in it


I put some of the rice pudding in my 500ml flask to keep warm. I add cinnamon and linwood’s milled Organic flaxeed. I added 1.50 of teaspoon of brown sugar instead of honey. I also added evaporated and fresh organic whole milk.


I add this to my breakfast to enable me to maintain a healthy weight. Teo free range large eggs and two sausages

I am a bit thin so i eat two boiled free range eggs and two sausages to maintain my weight. I am not on a diet,  i am built this way.

A year ago i went to Australia and tasted the most amazing chicken sausage ever. I have not been able to find this in the UK. I bought a pack of chicken sausage from asda and they were very tiny. I am currently on the hunt for chicken sausage.

My lunch looks something like this


Jollof rice, salmon, mix vegetables and chilli


Free range milk yogurt with cinnamon and blueberries. I didnt add honey this time round.

I believe this is it. Sometime i have a bread as well. I switch up my breakfast as well. I usually have weetabix, oats or rice pudding.

Until next time bon appetit.


Today’s dinner looks something like this

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Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i am taking you to a kitchen in the continent of africa; a ghanaian kitchen.


This meal is known as kenkey and pepper. The kenkey is made of milled corn or maize sifted like when you sift flour. The corn or maize is soaked in water for a couple of days then taken to the milled center to mill. They are then formed into balls and wrapped in the corn leaves and boiled. One thing i like about this is that it is not over processed and has no additives.

You can prepare porridge for breakfast by adding water and leaving it on fire to thicken; add some sugar or honey, evaporated milk or any milk of your choice and there you have your breakfast.


Kenkey, pepper and chilli (Shito)

It is usually eaten with pepper and tomotoes grinded and blended together and fried fish, fried eggs or tinned titus tuna however i had this with salmon. You can also add chilli. The dark sauce you see is the chilli and it’s called shito. It is made of dried powdered herrings, shrimps and pepper stewed. This is vegetarian friendly if you have the kenkey and the pepper without the chilli.


Untill next time its bon appettit from me.



So this is Christmas…

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Hello and welcome,

Todays blog is about the most exciting time of the year as we remember the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Growing up in Ghana I have loved Christmas simply because it was the time you got to eat the special meal such as chicken and jollof rice and salad and fufu, light soup and chicken. Up until my mid teens looking forward to Christmas started to decline simply because over in the west it is celebrated differently.


Jollof Rice

I remember in Ghana we were given new dresses and shoes specifically for Christmas unlike in the west when you get or can go purchase new cloths at anytime and day. I remember we will wear our dresses, toy watches and sunglasses and take pictures. The photographer will come take the pictures and return the pictures at a later day. It was also the only time of day we took pictures so basically you had better be practicing your smiles all year. This moment was also mandatory according to my grandad. You didn’t get the chance to take another one because you did not like the one you took previously. I used to get really good shots with my bursting smiles beaming through. Due to this, the only pictures I have of my childhood were all taken on Christmas day. Obviously now there are digital and phone cameras and you would not need the photographer to come through on Christmas day. There are timers on the camera phone and digital camera which means you can take as many as you please.


Comparing Christmas in Ghana and in the west(UK)
Obviously in the west you can have chicken all day everyday and eat jollof rice whenever you felt like it. I came from a middle class family and modest too I would say. When I was in Ghana this was luxury and special meals like jollof and chicken were kept mostly to Christmas day only and at times birthdays but rarely. The presents you recieved was the dress or cloth which was sewn for you to wear on Christmas day for church. It was also the only time we had the coca cola, fantas, biscuits and other ghanain delicacies such as chocolate, pebbles, chocomilo to name but a few. This indicates that my diet was pretty clean. We would go to church in the morning and come home to eat and listen to music. Thinking back I appreciate the way we celebrated Christmas then as it was low maintenance.



Christmas in the west I feel is a bit depressing as everyone is with their own family in their own houses whereas in Ghana the bar opposite our house will be playing loud music and there will be people around. We also got to watch TV for a longer time which we would not be allowed to had it been any other day. The community also usually comes out to watch a bunch of masked men and women dancing or parading on the streets in a carnival setting. They are called “ankos”, which I used to be scared of. The stressful part of Christmas in the west is looking for presents and wrapping them for it to ripped apart and possibly not looked after properly.

takoradi masquerade

Ankos: They usually dance in the street on christmas day in Takoradi.


Ankos: Making their way through the crowd.

Source: google images

I do like families coming together and eating too. It is the only time of the year I do not have to worry about what I need to eat or having to cook. The difference is that in Takoradi, Ghana the celebration is (inclusive) as it involves the community coming together, whereas the west celebrate with families thereby the celebration being (exclusive). All in all I hope your Christmas was lovely.

How was Christmas like for you growing up?

Until next time merry christmas