What’s in my smoothie?

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Hello and welcome to my blog, as promised i am coming to you with my blog on my “weekly” smoothie. This time i switch it up a wee bit. I had the usually fruit plus spinach and other powders..


What’s in my smoothie…


The green blend and maca powder

So the ingredients are as follows:

– Spinach

– Strawberries

– Blueberries

– Kiwi


– Coconut water

– Cinnamon

– Green Blend of:  Organic matcha, wheatgrass, green tea and spirulina, chlorella

– Maca powder


The making of the smoothie…

I am no stranger to adding vegetables to my smoothies. In the past the majority of the ingresient were vegetable like broccolis spinach. This time round it’ s 4 of 5 a day.



The cinnamon helped quench the strong taste of the maca ppwder.

What’s in my lunch bag:

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Hello and welcome, today i will reveal the meals i took to work. I usually take my breakfast with me to work so i can relax and enjoy it rather than rush as it takes me up to 1 hour driving to get to work.

This is how my breakfast looked like


I made rice pudding for breakfast today. I just let the rice cook till it softens and ensure theres enough of the water in it


I put some of the rice pudding in my 500ml flask to keep warm. I add cinnamon and linwood’s milled Organic flaxeed. I added 1.50 of teaspoon of brown sugar instead of honey. I also added evaporated and fresh organic whole milk.


I add this to my breakfast to enable me to maintain a healthy weight. Teo free range large eggs and two sausages

I am a bit thin so i eat two boiled free range eggs and two sausages to maintain my weight. I am not on a diet,  i am built this way.

A year ago i went to Australia and tasted the most amazing chicken sausage ever. I have not been able to find this in the UK. I bought a pack of chicken sausage from asda and they were very tiny. I am currently on the hunt for chicken sausage.

My lunch looks something like this


Jollof rice, salmon, mix vegetables and chilli


Free range milk yogurt with cinnamon and blueberries. I didnt add honey this time round.

I believe this is it. Sometime i have a bread as well. I switch up my breakfast as well. I usually have weetabix, oats or rice pudding.

Until next time bon appetit.


Today’s dinner looks something like this

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Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i am taking you to a kitchen in the continent of africa; a ghanaian kitchen.


This meal is known as kenkey and pepper. The kenkey is made of milled corn or maize sifted like when you sift flour. The corn or maize is soaked in water for a couple of days then taken to the milled center to mill. They are then formed into balls and wrapped in the corn leaves and boiled. One thing i like about this is that it is not over processed and has no additives.

You can prepare porridge for breakfast by adding water and leaving it on fire to thicken; add some sugar or honey, evaporated milk or any milk of your choice and there you have your breakfast.


Kenkey, pepper and chilli (Shito)

It is usually eaten with pepper and tomotoes grinded and blended together and fried fish, fried eggs or tinned titus tuna however i had this with salmon. You can also add chilli. The dark sauce you see is the chilli and it’s called shito. It is made of dried powdered herrings, shrimps and pepper stewed. This is vegetarian friendly if you have the kenkey and the pepper without the chilli.


Untill next time its bon appettit from me.