The Mamba Mentality Challenge With Nike

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Hello and welcome. Earlier this week I was checking out the notification I get from Nike and saw this mama a mentality challenge whuch ends Sunday the 30th August 2020.

I had no intention of running as mother nature decided to reavel it face on thursday. The pain was unbareable and so I thought I will not be doing any running this weekend as I have already done 4 run 2 miles each making 8 miles in total.

I tend to sleep quite alot when mother nature visits but on the morning of Saturday the 29th August I was determined to get the mamba badge achievement and it did not come easy.

To get the badge you had to complete 8.24 km by the 30 August 2020 from the 24th August 2020. The runs could be have been completed in bits within the week stated. I actually completed my run non stop as I always do.

My average pace is 10:45 per mile however I intended to take it very easy and so my pace was 12:00 per mile. I must say this was a very relaxing one.

I did just that and got my badge. It took a while for one of my legs to recover however it was a good run and I enjoyed it.

Right aafter my run I came across the news of the pass of Chadwick Boseman. I pray that the Lord comforts his family and wife during this difficult time. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman. 🕊️

Until next time, #TakeTheChallenge.


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