Introducing the fabrics

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Hello and welcome. In this post I will be introducing the fabrics I am currently working with. I recently went to Ghana and got myself a few fabric from woodin; I also have fabrics gifted to me from woodin. These fabrics are of good quality and beautiful patterns. In addition to the woodin, I have also bought other fabrics such as scuba and silk charmeuse from ebay which will be turned into a skirt or dress soon.


I am very happy with what I am working on at the moment although it’s taking longer than it should. I will have to try and stay focus and finish at least one. I am such a perfectionist that, before I cut the fabric I would have investigated and researched to ensure I do not waste the fabric. So please bare with me and in due time I will reveal what I have completed.

Until next time, I am sewing my way through.


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