With a heavy heart… Rest In Peace Uyinene🕊️

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The last time I felt this hopeless and hurt with pain indescribable was when I was not able to obtain finances for my master at one of the best Universities in the world. I guess you can call it existential crisis.

It’s has been a couple of weeks since Uyinene passed away. I accidently stabled upon her picture on Russel Simmons Instagram and thought she may have won something so my curiosity pushed me to read the words that lied underneath.

I cannot beginning to tell the ounce of hopelessness, hurt, pain and how scared I feel now as a young woman. The more I know the more I ask myself what is the point. The fuss, the fight, what is the point at all with this life that someone feels the need to end another person’s because of their selfish, greedy and sick desire. Showing no remorse, your only words of comfort was she took too long to die. Its because she was not meant to die you robbed it off her and went to bed like nothing happened.

We are becoming more wicked each day. This young girl owed the devil of a man nothing. On her way to collect her parcel only to be lured into a wicked trap. His intention to humiliate and end her life. You may ask why because she’s a beautiful young woman. A life giver who’s life was robbed of her.

Since I read this story I’ve have some panic attacks, I wake up each morning feeling so sorrowful. Mind you I do not know her personally and have never met her. And as I type now I am tearing up.

I can only imagine the pain your mother feels Uyinene. From the first day she held you with joy when you were born to the day a wicked animal crush you to death.

When I think of your mother this is what comes to mind. On Christmas physically you won’t be there and there will be no one to occupy your room.

Uyinene is never going to graduate, she will never come home and say mum this is the man I want to marry nor is she going to come home and share the news of expecting her first child.  Now I sit and think about all the would haves, should haves, could haves. This is now all a memory puff away like a vapour. This is the pain such act causes families.

Not a day goes by that I do not pray for your mother Uyinene and your brother too. Who can accept such a story about their beloved child. I used to love Saturdays but now on  Saturday I remember all the stories I have read about when she was last seen, her crying out for help and no one there to help her. Your blood has cried out really loud and has brought much shame to the justice system of SA hopefully many will not have to go through such thing again.

At the age of 19 I was in university, I had fun with friends and had the opportunity to work for a year abroad. University was a place you  learn, make friends and learn a few things about life lesson. Unfortunately this has been cut short for you. The one you will hold with care and awe others will crush and destroy. What happened to be your brothers keepers.

I’m so sorry for what happened to you and the fact that you had to endure it for that long with no one coming to your aid. This shows the action of the justice system in SA you have been silent and provided less sentences which has given way for such things to happen. Furthermore had the HR department done a proper check, this evil will not been working at the post office. And the worse is the was a police station right next to the post office. Clearly this man doesn’t care and if he got away with before he can again.

As a Christian I will continue to pray for your family because if I cannot take it how much more them. My prayer is for God to strengthen them and enable them to move forward in life, a deeper healing and restoration.

Finally, I had a dream of visiting South Africa one day but I have to bury that dream before it buries me as a young woman.

Until next time rest in perfect peace baby girl.




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