Turkey stir-fry wholemeal noodles


Hello and welcome to my blog. This blogpost is about a wholemeal noodles turkey stir fry I made last week. I was on course to have noodle for the week and I stambled upon a WHOLEMEAL NOODLES  in Asda.

The ingredient I used in preparing this are:

* Ginger

* Garlic

* Onions

* Wholemeal noodles

* Bell Peppers: Red, Yellow and Green or whatever mix you have. You can swap this with mix frozen vegetables.

* Olive oil

*Grounded black pepper

* Cayenne pepper

* Turkey fillet


You do not need that much ginger. One of these will do. I use red onion in my cooking but you can used


Grate the onion, garlic and ginger


Cut the turkey fillet and wash it in lemon water


I sliced the bell peppers to whatever shape you desire


I then put a wok on fire add olive oil and the grate onions, ginger and ginger. Fry for about 5 to 10 mins on medium heat


Add the turkey and stir in the mixture


I add the chopped peppers and let it fry together


I then added grounded black pepper and cayenne pepper. Mixed it well together


Add the oyster sauce and mix well together


You can use whatever amount you please


Add the Wholemeal noodles


Stir in the noodles and cover for 5 to 10 minutes stiring regularly. Ensure the heat is low.


Et Viola! Bonne appetit


Until next time, it’s bye from me.





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