Our new Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Hello and welcome to my blog. So as we are all aware we now have a new Duke and Duchess in town. Congratulations to you both and I couldn’t be any happier for you.


Just married

I was glued to the Royal family YouTube channel and adding to my WhatsApp stories as if I was there. I also took a few beautiful pictures.


The Duchess smiles as she looks into the eyes of the duke


The Duke looks into the eyes of the Duchess and smiles. This is love 😊

This post is about Meghan’s makeup on the day. I have to applaud her for her choice partly because we all know how much the makeup industy is worth. And if she had done alot and listed the names of the brand almost everyone will be rushing to get their hands on some of these products. Mostly the young girls who are into fairy tales. We live in the age where you can no longer tell the difference between a teenager and an adult. Most teenagers are mostly well made up with weaves most of the time. This used to be reserved for proms and birthday, it is now an everyday thing. When I was growing up I had braids and foundation to hide hyperpigmentation.


Brides mother. Dorian Ragland

I believe it sends out a strong message to young girls that you don’t have to be overly madeup to be admired and as special as this day was for her she kept it bare minimal. And so was her mum’s makeup. Her gown was beautiful and simple. Yes she is from Hollywood and everyone was expecting to fall off their chairs but she chose to send a better message to all the young girls out there. Those with freckles and those who feel they are only beautiful with alot of makeup on.


The Duchess of Sussex. Every strong man needs a stronger woman behind him.

It’s OK if you do not have the latest eye shadow pallette that everyone is reviewing on YouTube or the highlighter that has broken YouTube. Obviously she used a makeup artist who is a dior ambassador and it was costly but yet beautifully and lightly done. I probably sound like I am shooting myself in the foot however my point is whoever was waiting for a blinding highlighter and shimmer eyeshadow is disappointed because they may think boo she could have done more.  Sometimes it is better to make a statement when you hold a higher place in society. Remember Catherine’s wedding her makeup was not that much either. Some of the commentators were expecting Hollywood glam but she gave them natural beauty although it was still expensive. Use makeup to enhance the beauty you have and if it is for art purpose do it just for that but don’t make it an everyday norm or stipulate that this is how it should be done.


All the best to this couple. I am very happy for Harry that he finally found his princess.


Source: Kensington Royal/PA Final God bless your union and make you fruitful. May He grant you all your heart desires as a married couple according to His will for you both.

Let me know what you thought of her look or the day?

Until next time, it’s bye from me.



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