There is chicken in the oven

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Hello and welcome to my blog. As always this blog is well overdue. I started writting and could not get back to finishing it off.

This is the recipies for my chicken.


The ingredient i usually use if i dont make my own which usually include raw galic, onions, ginger black pepper

What you need is a bit of yogurt, black ground pepper, cayenne pepper, a pinch of salt and olive oil. You can add any other herbs you have.


– Mix well in a bowl before that, clean the chicken with lemon to get rid of the rawness.


– Marinade the chicken well with the mixture. Cut some marks in the chicken so the marinade will get in the chicken. I let it marinade over night because i could not be bored to stay awake for it to cook lest it get burnt. 😊


Slow cook in the oven its its cook. I usually leave it in the oven at 100 to 150 for 1hr and cook somemore if need be.


Thats all folks. Until next time its bye from me.





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