Light In The Box: should you shop from there?

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I bought these items in addition to a tripod which is not in this picture.

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am sure you have come across LightInTheBox it is a website which sells a lot of beauty and fashion products. If i am not mistaken it is Chinese owned. I have purched items from there on two occasions.


I bought some foundation sponges which i have bot used yet, contour kit, nail kit, eye lashes and blush kit. i also got an tripod which is not in this picture. It is not that strong.

I purchased the items at end of November and did not recieve them until second week of January 🤔. I understand there was snow in the UK  and transport may have been disrupted. But yes it took too long to reach me. This was my second purchased as my cousin destroyed the contour kit i bought from them. And because i really like the contour kit i bought the same one again from them.


Beauty on a bugdet

The length of time for the item to reach you is dependent on whuch shipping you choose. I was not willing to pay the same amount as my shopping for shipping. If you do not mind waiting go ahead and make your purchases, your order will surely get to you.

The tripod is not that strong so i have to buy another one from Amazon.

Thats it for today.

Until next time, it bye from me




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