Work out with me 💪

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am not sure if i mentioned this in my previous blog posts but i used to do a 10 miles per week jog. I documented this but never shared it as i did not want to disclose my location. However i have found a way to do it safely. This weekend i wanted to go jogging but it started drizzling so i did a bit of cardio outside then came inside to do some more and film. Although a couple of years ago i was able to jog in harsh weather conditions, i feel i need to slowly work my way to previous standards or benchmark.


Work out with me

To see more of this visit my instagram: iryn.boateng. Working out or exercising is good for your wellbeing physically and mentally. When i am stressed out this is one way i de-stress and get my heart to pump blood throughout my body. This is good for your skin and health.


To see what i did for my workout please go to my instagram page. Link is above.


Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, happy work out.


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