What’s in my smoothie …

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The papaya i saw in asda wasnt riped. I actually wanted to do this smoothie during the week but did’nt have the time to.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i am coming to you with yet another smoothie.  I wish i could have a smoothie everyday but we all know fruits tend to be very expensive so once my smoothie finishes i have to wait till my next purchase of fruits for smoothie. Today or should i say this weeks smoothie ingredient is as follows:







And coconut water as base


I tend to add cinnamon to almost everything. I have not reason for this i just like the flavour it gives my smoothie. In addition it is high in antioxidant. #Win

Blueberries are known for their high content of antioxidant and thus good for your wellbeing. According to Dr Axe “antioxidants help prevent damage of tissues and cells caused by free radicals, they’re needed to protect against heart disease and stroke.”


Delicious power pack 5 a day smoothie.

This is also your five a day on the go, all in one. I am on a journey to clear skin and i am certain this will help me achieve that. I have a work out blogpost coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this and share your smoothie ideas with me so i can try them.


Until next time, happy smoothie making



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