Revisiting past recipies: Guacamole and naan bread

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This post is about some of the meals i used to eat. A few years ago i was more interested in plant based food. I think there was a trend call raw foodist. So basically by that i mean it is not cooked at all or processed in any way. On my cheat day i had this. I was hardcore with my diet in that it was super clean. I even started baking my own bread funny enough because i was convince if i change my diet my skin will improve for the better and it did. I will do another post on acne and diet.


The ingredient i used can be seen in this picture. I forgot to buy lime so i used lemon. 😬

I shuffled a few recipes and this was one of them. It is basically guacamole, coriander and garlic naan bread.


Time to enjoy. I had both breads because i had not eaten the entire day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time its bye from me.


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