What’s in my grocery bag?

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Hello and welcome to my blog post. Last weekend just gone, i went to do a few grocery shoppping for the week ahead. I just thought i share with you what i usually buy when i go grocery shopping.


We usually get fruits at work nowadays however at times it finishes too quick so i still buy fruits for the week just in case i want something to snack on.

I bought some fruits for smoothie and for the week. I also bought the below:




Green delicious apples






Free range eggs

Free range chicken

2 Avocados (1 for a hair mask and the other for guacamole)


Coriander and garlic pita bread



Nandos peri peri sauce

Asda piri piri marinade

I tend to opt for free range or organic meat due to acne problems. I seem to have it under control now. Eating does improve your skin and well being; in addition to exercising of course. I will share anything new i make for lunch and or dinner.

I usually shop for the week or just eat what i have left if i am feeling lazy or whatever i can put together in the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to share your grocery shopping ideas.

Until next time, its bye from me.


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