Today’s lunch looks something like this

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I just thought i share my lunch for today with you. The quest to clean eating continues and the items on the menu is as below:





Free Range Chicken

Half tea spoon of mayonaise and bbq sauce


Today’s lunch looks like this. I put the Nandos peri peri sauce in a small container and added a bit of mayonaise and bbq sauce not too much as i do not want it to overpower the salad.

The plan is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and eat less processed food.

I have a banana and apple with me so i have fulfilled my five a day today. I also have free range milk natural yogurt and blueberries which i will have later today when i get back to the office from a 30 minutes walk with my team. In due time, i will share the scenery which is a lovely greenery golf course in the UK.

Until next time, bon appetit.


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