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Lets talk beauty

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Todays topic is about beauty. The evolution of my beauty closet kepaw!🎆 Lol. I have shared a few bits about my beauty closet in previous post reviewing the LA girl pro foundation and concealer. Lets get into it deeper. When I started buying my own foundation I started with Maybeline because the darkest shade they had was cocoa and I would buy lots of their product because they had Tomika Fraser Hines as one of their models and I wanted to look like her. I also thought well this is one time I see someone my complexion on a makeup brand and the shade was the darkest (at that time). There was Cover Girl too but that was not available in the UK.


Now there are many dark shades around. Mind you I used to get a lot of compliment for using Maybelin dream matte mousse in cocoa. I have used their dream matte mousse which is lovely, dream satin liquid and another one which came with a primer and creamy foundation in one container but two pumps. The shade I bought in the latter was too light as the darkest was caramel so it was a waste of money.


Sleek in the colour cocoa

I also tried the Revlon foundation which also at that time I thought was dark enough. I liked it too because it gave me a good coverage. L’oreal didn’t have as many dark shades then as they do now. Maybe I didn’t see them or were not stocked as much in the UK then.


Mirror mirrior on the wall, which of these are the darkest of them all.

Now there has been a change and the colour discrimination is slowly disappearing. You can see and get a lot more shades for those with dark and inbetween complexion.

L’oreal now has “we are all worth it” 😊 with their true match campaign which is a good sign as its inclusive of alot of shades. They also have the lovely Liya Kebede on their true match campaign whom i love; she used to be the face of Estée Lauder too.


The beautiful and lovely Liya Kebede.


Rihanna recently came out with 40 shades of foundations catering to more and more dark skin which i queued to be matched and purchased one in 460 in Harvey Nichols.

Lancôme now has the lovely Lupita on their advertisement as well. I recently got the teint idole ultra wear in shade 16.

As far as I can remember M.A.C has fulfil this void for quite sometime as I only started using it when my mum bought them for me in my college years at about between the ages of 17 and 18 in 2007 but only started doing proper makeup from 20 to 21. I think I started with NW47 or 55 in the studio fix cream foundation and it gave me a full coverage. I was struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation so it helped alot.

During that time it was difficult to find a MAC store in the UK so my mum would buy these from the US and at duty free because they were cheaper and accessible. Now we have ample of dark shades if you are lucky, you can find a perfect match if not keep looking and you will but bare in mind that your shade will change according to the moisturisers you are using, your skin care routine and changes in the seasons. Do not expect your foundation shade to stay the same.

Business side of things

Obviously the beauty industries has to also look at ways they can fulfil a demand or void in the beauty industry. The market is constantly changing and evovling what may have worked 10 even 2 years ago may not necessarily work now.

They mostly have to diversify to hold their market share or stay relevant. You have to think and move strategically and i see these with the collaboration with celebrities. Whereas you may get a sizeable revenue from that it is only short term. More thoughts and analysis has to go into the future product development. Be proactive in serving the market, are you taking reviews of your product to do better next time or over looking them. I understand not all reviews are valid. Product and pricing, accessibility; do we have enough of all the shades in each continent. There is still more room for improvement…

What are your views on the beauty industry?

Until next time its bye from me.


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